PS. Cafe (Palais Renaissance)

It is with much boredom that I am forcing myself to write about an establishment that has already been blogged about to death.  Still, the food was extremely photogenic and I figured that after paying close to $40 for this meal I may as well jump on the blogging bandwagon to get my money’s worth.

Miso Cod: Broiled white miso cod fillet with dengkaku eggplant, roasted pumpkin, daikon & caramelized ginger-lemon & sesame dressed soba vegetable salad

The miso cod ($32++) flaked off easily onto a fork.  The flesh was sweet and buttery, perfectly complemented by a squeeze of lemon as it melted in my mouth.  This was probably the best dish out of the five we had, although I would attribute that to the freshness of the fish itself more than anything else.  N, who ordered this dish, enjoyed it very much.

PS. Crispy Onion Burger: Chargrilled wagyu & US chuck patty topped with melting gruyere & mozarella cheese, beefsteak tomato, mesclun greens, sauteed mushrooms & spiced crispy onions on a toasted sesame seed bun with PS. shoestring fries

I had a bite of B’s burger patty ($28++) and was taken aback at how devoid of moisture it was.  The patty was definitely handmade – it contained distinctive chunks of quality beef – but dude, surely the meat in a medium patty would retain some of its juice?  Gimme a burger from Carl’s Junior any day :/

Steak Frites: Seared ribeye steak & shoestring fries served with a jug of scallion horseradish gravy

This steak ($35++) was just flat out terrible.  Now, I know next to nothing about the anatomy of a cow, and I’m not going to smoke you by launching into a poncey tirade about the cut of the meat being atrocious oh lack of marbling oh violation of the sanctity of my tongue yadayada – our rule is simple: If we’re paying good money for it, it had better taste decent.  LY started complaining about it from the moment she bit into the meat, but I only tried it when she was halfway through, and wearing an increasingly unhappy expression on her face.  I didn’t have an issue with it being bloody (although it was strangely red for a medium steak), we’ve all had far rarer steaks than this one.  The problem was a faint nasty smell that slowly enveloped your nasal cavity as you chewed on the meat – it wasn’t a gamey smell, but an unappetizing one akin to that of a… dishrag?  We had the dish sent back to the kitchen, and to the restaurant’s credit, the apologetic waiter placed our truffle fries on their tab and gave LY a free slice of cheesecake.  Pretty impressive.

Crab Tart: Drizzled with prawn bisque cream & served with wrapped greens, dressed with lemon honey vinaigrette & homemade harissa

I ordered this dish ($29++) because I imagined it would be like a crab cake, which naturally it was not.  I don’t know why I even thought that.  In any case I really enjoyed this.  The tart shell was remained firm and crisp in spite of its moist contents, but crumbled satisfyingly the moment I bit into it.  The filling of the tart was quiche-like, and packed with sweet, crabby goodness.  There was not much bite to the filling, though.  I would have preferred being able to taste distinct slivers of crab meat.  Also I had no idea how to eat the harissa – on its own, or together with the bisque and tart?? But aiya this has nothing to do with the restaurant, is cos I not high class enough.

Truffle Shoestring Fries: With grated parmesan and parsley tossed in truffle oil

B had warned us that this dish ($15++) was overwhelmingly truffle-y, but N and I insisted on trying it.  B wasn’t wrong – the presence of truffle oil was so keenly felt that the fries smelt a little like they’d been doused in gasoline.  Didn’t stop me from putting fry after fry after fry into my mouth though… then again, I do that with anything that’s placed in front of me. I definitely expected the fries to be of better quality – these were not crisp and tasted slightly refried, rather like the $1 fries I buy from the Western food stall at my neighbourhood kopitiam whenever my mother cooks an unsatisfying dinner, except you will have to be nimble enough to dodge a bucket of hot oil should you decide to ask the Ah Bengs running the stall whether they “can fry the shu tiao in truffer oil”.

So this sums up my first time at any of the 4 PS. Cafe outlets (yes, I live in a cave right), and it’s slightly regrettable that I had to leave feeling underwhelmed by the experience.  To be fair my food was acceptable, and the service was definitely 8 stars out of 10.  Food that is merely “decent”, however, plainly does not merit a 40-dollar price tag.  I suppose if I were a chi-chi tea party yuppie type I’d be content to bask in the ambience of the place, but I’m much happier to pay half that price and have to rough it out in da hood.  Although I’ll probably give them another try, I’m certainly not in any hurry to do so.

PS. Cafe (Palais Renaissance)
390 Orchard Road
Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Tel No. (for reservations): 9834 8232

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  1. shuxt says:

    hi bridget!! i rly like ur blog can u pls rview more food and the crab tart is my fav mains at ps!

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