Kith (Park Mall)

I’m pretty sure those addicted to the concept of hipster brunches are well acquainted with the snaking lines found at cafes around Singapore on weekend mornings. No one enjoys having to wait to be seated, especially in a climate as grossly humid as ours.

Which is why a surprise find like Kith presented an attractive option for weekend brunch. I’m not sure what the crowds are like at its Robertson Quay and Sentosa Cove outlets, but the outlet at the low-key Park Mall was only half-filled on the morning of a public holiday, despite it being sited in the heart of town.

Big Breakfast, $15.50.

Any enterprising eatery would offer greedy and fickle consumers the option of ordering a sample platter. For the morning menu that would be the Big Breakfast option. Comprising toasted brioche, smoked bratwurst sausages, sauteed shitake mushrooms, bacon, and 2 eggs (you get to choose if you want them poached, sunny side up, scrambled or overeasy), this looked much better on paper than it did in real life.

The brioche was pleasantly buttery, and came apart easily when you tore into it. I thought it was the best part of the meal, since the scrambled eggs were uninspiring and the bacon was limp and insipid. This pig-lover gave the bacon away, which speaks volumes about its edibility. The mushrooms and sausage tasted good, though in that guilt-inducing way that eating anything oily triggers.

Corn Frittata, $14.00.

The Corn Frittata was served with your run-of-the-mill dry toast, the same tasteless bacon that came with the Big Breakfast, and dices of tomato and avocado. The frittata had kernels of sweet corn embedded throughout, and tasted fine. However it didn’t possess the cake-like appearance typical of frittatas, and resembled and tasted more like an omelette. Would much rather have the Teochew-style omelettes stuffed with crispy silverfish or prawns.

I’d actually visited the same cafe a few weeks earlier for dinner, and I thought they fared better in that department.

Bacon Sandwich, $12.00.

Strangely, the bacon served in their sandwich was a lot more palatable than the one served in their breakfast sets. It’s quite evident from the photos, isn’t it? This open faced sandwich came with caramelized bacon, 2 poached eggs, a heap of sliced avocado, a drizzle of Japanese mayonnaise, and a mix of tapioca and nacho chips at the side. I thought this sandwich was delicious. The piquancy of the Japanese mayo added a much needed tartness to what would otherwise have been an overwhelmingly creamy dish. For its relatively low price point (we’re talking cafe food of course), the serving was generous as well.

Straight-cut Fries with Rosemary and Parmesan, $6.50.

Had this before Kith made the switch to truffle oil, so I doubt it can be found on the menu now(?). In any case, these were great. The potatoes were crisp and lightly salted. The aromatic whiffs of rosemary and parmesan cheese we caught in between mouthfuls of fries complemented the addictive side nicely, as did the suitably-garlicky aioli dip on the side.

It’s been some time since I last visited Kith, and with cafes sprouting left right and center I haven’t found any compelling reason to return. I’ll save this place for days when I decide I hate crowds and people (sometimes them cat-lady instincts can’t be fought) and desperately need a cafe in which some chillin’ can actually be accomplished. That be rare in this overcrowded space, yall.

Kith (Park Mall)
9 Penang Road

Opening hours: 8.00a.m. – 10.00p.m.
Tel. No.: 63388611


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