[Busan] Cafe de Verre (카페 드 베르)

Sought refuge from the sweltering summer heat in this cafe one afternoon. Our legs were aching after having walked nearly the entire length of Daehyun Primall (the massive underground shopping area connected to Seomyeon station), and we were desperate to find someplace where we could sit down to have a drink. Located on the second floor of a building an alley away from the main street, Cafe de Verre was a welcome respite from the crowded streets of Seomyeon.

Lemon pie (레몬 파이), 4,500 won.

We’d entered the cafe with zero expectations, so it came as a pleasant surprise that the lemon pie was amazing. The pâte brisée crust was crisp and buttery, contrasting nicely with the soft layers of genoise cake that made up most of the pie. The lemon cream in the middle of the pie was mildly sweet and had an airy consistency that played off excellently against the denser milk chocolate layer at the bottom. Overall the combination of textures and flavours was very well executed, producing a brilliant pie which made for a light treat despite an appearance that would suggest otherwise. One of the best Western pastries I’ve had in Korea to date.

White chocolate cheese cake (화이트 초코치즈 케익), 4,200 won. Chamomile tea on the side.

Arriving on the heels of the lemon pie, the white chocolate cheese cake wasn’t quite so outstanding, probably because the pie had left some unfairly huge shoes to fill. Objectively speaking it wasn’t half bad. The cream cheese and chocolate filling contained telltale specks of vanilla beans, and sat neatly atop a digestive biscuit base. As was the case with the lemon pie this cake felt very light and was only slightly sweet, if a little on the bland side.

If you prefer your pastries dense, there are richer options like the chocolate mud pie and the strawberry pie. Didn’t get those since we’d just come from lunch and tea #1. Yes, this was tea #2, after which we proceeded immediately to dinner #1 at the jjambbong eatery right across the street. Truly monstrous.

Doesn’t this look inviting?

Cafe de Verre boasts a bright and cheery interior that I really like. The full length glass windows flood the cafe with natural daylight and provide one with an aerial view of the streets below, making it an ideal spot for people watching. Bonus points for it being devoid of the crowds that are typical of cafes in Singapore, and even the more popular ones in Seoul. So if you’re thinking of hitting up Busan on your next trip to Korea, why not drop by Cafe de Verre for a spot of tea and some delicious lemon pie?

Cafe de Verre
2nd floor, 168-139 Bujeon 2-dong
Jin-gu, Busan-si, South Korea
(Address in Korean: 부산시 진구 부전2동 168-139번지 2층)

Opening hours: 11am to 1130pm, Tuesdays to Fridays; 1pm to 1130pm, weekends. Closed on Mondays.
Telephone no.: (+82) 070-4402-7620

Directions: Take Exit 2 out of Seomyeon station and walk straight till you reach Tom N Toms Coffee. Turn left into the alley next to Tom N Toms and veer left. You’ll be facing Cafe de Verre when you arrive at the first fork in the road.


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