Flock Café

Flock Café is one of the more unassuming players in the thriving Tiong Bahru cafe scene. Somehow it feels genuine and laid-back, which can hardly be said for nearby establishments like Forty Hands and Open Door Policy, both of which have amassed loyal cult followings (quite deservedly) and lost their chill factor in the process. Well I suppose crowds are a good thing for cafes to have, though it would be nice to be able to have a meal without feeling like I’m in someone else’s way all the time.

Very welcoming exterior.

These crowds were absent from Flock when we visited one Saturday afternoon for tea. Bit of a welcome change from having to wait in the sweltering heat for a table. It wasn’t that the eatery was devoid of people – there was a steady trickle of customers, and the staff looked hard at work.

Portobello, mozzarella & rocket sandwich, $13.50.

Since this was supposed to be tea we ordered one of their sandwiches to share. T’was a pricey sandwich, but I liked that the juicy portobello shroom was so big it occupied the entire pocket of ciabatta. This was quite delicious and would have made a substantial lunch for one, though y’know, the pig in me wishes they had fries on the side.

They have other interesting offerings on their sandwich list like prawn and avocado, as well as pork cheek and gruyere.

Orange bundt cake, $5.00.

Having had a disappointing encounter with a bundt cake the week before, we decided to give the orange bundt cake here a shot. Beautiful drizzle of icing it’s got there. I thought it had a nice citrusy fragrance and crumbled quite satisfactorily, but the others found it to be a little too dry.

Mocha, $6.00

Flock sources its beans from the ever-reliable Liberty Coffee, which pretty much ensures quality coffee brews. The mocha we had was frothy, chocolatey and every sip was laced with a pleasant hint of bitterness.

Great place to chill.

In line with their philosophy of providing a “deliberately relaxed” ambiance conducive for weekend catch up sessions between friends, Flock was modestly, yet comfortably furnished and I loved the warm lighting. The food here is above average, and it’s a lovely place to spend a lazy day, as all my weekends tend to be. Wouldn’t mind coming back at all.

Flock Café
78 Moh Guan Terrace
Singapore 162078

Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm daily. Closed on Tuesdays.
Tel. no.: 6536 3938
Website: http://www.flock.sg/


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