I’m alive!

A year ago I made a promise about having something on this space by that same weekend. That turned out to be a lie.

Basically life happened and this blog was forgotten. Until I got a notification about the publication of the egg tart post last month. I thought I’d timed it to be published in two thousand THIRTEEN, but must have keyed the wrong year in. Oh well.

While food continues to be very much a part of my life, we’ve seen by now that I can’t commit to food writing. Oops! If you have questions on any of the posts already published, please leave a comment and I’ll check back whenever I can.

If you’re still curious about what’s happening in my life… I’m afraid I can’t help you very much with that because I don’t really have one.

I do however maintain travel journals on Bonjournal. It’s an easy-to-use mobile blogging app that lets you update on the go – what I love about it is that even if you can’t get Internet on your phone you can work on a draft, and upload it later when you do! The layout is minimalistic and beautiful as well.

For those of you who’re interested, my username is @findingmomo 🙂 I’ll be off to Nepal in a week, so you can follow my adventures there on Bonjournal!

Thank you so much for your (real or imagined) support for theyummyyak! I hope this site has been of help to you. I can’t say for sure if I will ever revive it, but at the very least I’ll be sure to fix the expired links to the pictures in the posts.

Merry Christmas in advance!


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