[Manhattan] Five Points

Of course we couldn’t pass up a chance for brunch in the SoHo district whilst we were in Manhattan. After whittling down our options, we settled onĀ Five Points. When we got there one Sunday morning the place was absolutely brimming with people. Even with a reservation secured by one of our brunch party (restaurant-savvy New … Continue reading

[Seoul] Craftworks Taphouse & Bistro (Namsan)

Subsequent to my visit here in July 2012, Craftworks has since expanded its operations to 3 outlets across Seoul, and 1 sliiiightly outside Seoul in the idyllic Baekhyun-dong area in Bundang, Gyunggi-do. The neighborhood of Baekhyun-dong also happens to house my favourite cafe in all of Korea, but that’s material for another entry. The Craftworks … Continue reading

[Seoul] Butterfinger Pancakes

One of the pioneers of the thriving brunch scene in Seoul, Butterfinger Pancakes is as popular amongst the American expat community as it is with Seoulites. It seems online reviewers of Butterfinger Pancakes are rather enamoured of the diner-style decor and all-day breakfast concept, and having visited this eatery twice I have to agree that … Continue reading

The Bravery Cafe

The area straddling the borders of Serangoon and Lavender, long known for being an industrial estate, used to be practically deserted on weekends. The streets remained largely devoid of people when we visited last Sunday afternoon, but tell-tale signs – indie shopfronts and the near impossibility of finding parking lots on one’s first try – … Continue reading


I don’t actually eat out as often as you might think, but as 90% of my Facebook activity is food-related (sadly the other 10% involves crushing candies, what a loser), I’ve had people coming to ask for recommended brunch places. There are two places that instinctively come to mind, namely Symmetry and, more recently, Hummerstons. … Continue reading