[Hong Kong] Wai Kee Congee (威記粥店)

Located right smack in the heart of Central, Wai Kee Congee enjoys a steady stream of customers every morning. The premises are tiny so expect to share a table with strangers, as is the case with nearby Lan Fong Yuen. Wai Kee Congee serves a mean bowl of traditional Cantonese porridge (juk), where the rice grains are … Continue reading

Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice (美芝律剪刀剪咖喱饭)

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice since I first visited them back in September. I’d made my way down after a particularly bad day at work. By the time I was done with my rice, all was well with the world again. Food doesn’t have to look good … Continue reading

[Bangkok] Som Tam Nua (ส้มตำนัว)

Just got back from a short trip to the land of a thousand smiles! Despite it being one of the most popular getaway destinations for Singaporeans, the last time I’d been to Thailand was a decade ago. Wish I’d known earlier what I was missing out on. As always I researched on places to eat … Continue reading

Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow (清记牛肉粿條)

Being the daughter of a chef, I never got to eat out very much when I was a kid. Not that I’m complaining, since I get to eat out all I want now and still have the reassurance of being able to return home to a homecooked meal whenever I feel like it. Bahaha turned … Continue reading

Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice (联合本记煲饭)

There’s nothing that warms the belly more than a steaming hot bowl of rice. That’s probably why I’ve learnt to associate claypot rice with nighttime fare. Try consuming it in the afternoon in our climate without disintegrating into a puddle of sweat… confirm heatstroke lor. Claypot rice is, as its name suggests, rice cooked in … Continue reading