[Hong Kong] A Tale of Two (Famous) Egg Tarts

Egg tarts, or dan tat (蛋撻) as they are known in Cantonese, are one of the most ridiculously palate-friendly foods ever. I haven’t met anyone with an aversion to egg tarts, unless they’re allergic to eggs (poor things). It’s practically a symbol of dim sum if ever there was one, and can be found in most Asian countries. … Continue reading

Flock Café

Flock Café is one of the more unassuming players in the thriving Tiong Bahru cafe scene. Somehow it feels genuine and laid-back, which can hardly be said for nearby establishments like Forty Hands and Open Door Policy, both of which have amassed loyal cult followings (quite deservedly) and lost their chill factor in the process. Well … Continue reading

Maple & Market

There are some places that you really want to like. I’d been an occasional reader of Sarah’s Loft for about a year prior to her setting up Maple & Market, and the cakes baked by Sarah always looked so pretty. Her style, like her blog layout, is incredibly minimalistic and very Japanese-influenced. I believe she … Continue reading

Cakes Literally

Inadvertently noticed Cakes Literally as I walked down Dorset Road last Sunday evening, intending to head to L’etoile Cafe for a cup of tea as I do every week. Please trust me when I say I’m really not as old as I sound. Cakes Literally, located further down Owen Road, caught my eye with its … Continue reading

[Manhattan] Russ & Daughters

Perhaps I’m generalizing, but you just know that a place that’s been in business since 1914 has to be good. With so many restaurants to visit in NYC and so little time, we weren’t able to make visiting Russ & Daughters a priority on our trip there in February. Reasons being: 1. It wasn’t a restaurant but … Continue reading