[Hong Kong] Tai O Fishing Village

Sited on the northwestern part of Lantau Island and a mere thirty miles away from Disneyland, Tai O Fishing Village is about as un-Hong Kong as it gets. Skyscrapers are nowhere in sight in the sole remaining fishing village in Hong Kong, where the landscape comprises low rise houses and a few municipal buildings. It’s … Continue reading

[Manhattan] The Halal Guys

The great thing about living in a multicultural city is that you’ve been exposed to a variety of cuisines, so even when you’re travelling it’s rare to encounter a flavour that’s completely foreign to your palate. Assuming, of course, that you’re a moderately adventurous eater and not one of those sad souls who haven’t eaten … Continue reading

[Kuala Lumpur] Seng Kee (腾记)

There’s so much good food to be eaten in Malaysia. Each trip I take across the border is short and leaves me wishing I had eaten more. At the risk of sounding like a brat, sometimes I wish the food scene in Singapore was less… healthy and sanitized. The dearth of street hawkers (except those … Continue reading