Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

There’s something about getting your carb fix from chilli and lard-coated bak chor mee (lit. minced pork noodles) that just hits that spot for us Singaporeans. It’s one of those foods that’s appropriate for any time of the day, and I love that it’s so accessible – I can count 4 bak chor mee stalls … Continue reading

Soo Teck Lim Vegetarian Confectionery

A friend of mine posted on Facebook a picture of Soo Teck Lim Vegetarian Confectionery about a week ago, declaring the tau sar piah sold here to be “the best in Singapore”. Despite being on something known as a diet, tau sar piah unfortunately falls under the category of one of those things I absolutely … Continue reading

Eater Palace (食珍)

It’s gonna be mooncake time in less than a fortnight! Otherwise known as Mid-Autumn Festival. To be honest I’ve never been fond of mooncakes, and end up only eating the sweet bean paste or lotus seed fillings before discarding the crust. So gross, I know. I may as well buy a Kong Guan pau, since … Continue reading