[Busan] 맛나 감자탕 (Matna Gamjatang)

Writing about gamjatang (lit. pork bone stew) makes me upset. I found out on my last trip to Korea that my favorite gamjatang place in Seoul had taken the dish off their menu and reinvented themselves as a guksu & gogijib (a place specializing in noodles and BBQ meats) instead. “But I dragged my friends … Continue reading

[Busan] Cafe de Verre (카페 드 베르)

Sought refuge from the sweltering summer heat in this cafe one afternoon. Our legs were aching after having walked nearly the entire length of Daehyun Primall (the massive underground shopping area connected to Seomyeon station), and we were desperate to find someplace where we could sit down to have a drink. Located on the second … Continue reading

[Busan] Bonjon Dwaeji Gukbap (본전 돼지국밥)

A Busan specialty, dwaeji gukbap (돼지국밥) is a hearty pork-based soup and rice dish that’s perfect for a rainy day. There are differing theories on the origins of dwaeji gukbap: Some say it was invented during the Korean War, when impoverished villagers in Gyeongsang-do province decided to boil the pork bones discarded from a nearby … Continue reading