Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow (清记牛肉粿條)

Being the daughter of a chef, I never got to eat out very much when I was a kid. Not that I’m complaining, since I get to eat out all I want now and still have the reassurance of being able to return home to a homecooked meal whenever I feel like it. Bahaha turned … Continue reading

Nakhon Kitchen

This trusty gem of a neighborhood eatery is what most of us Hougang peeps turn to when we’re looking for a quick Thai fix. That the restaurant is staffed entirely by Thais should be an obvious sign of authenticity. At dinnertime, there’s almost always a 30 minute wait to be seated at Nakhon Kitchen, even on … Continue reading

Soo Teck Lim Vegetarian Confectionery

A friend of mine posted on Facebook a picture of Soo Teck Lim Vegetarian Confectionery about a week ago, declaring the tau sar piah sold here to be “the best in Singapore”. Despite being on something known as a diet, tau sar piah unfortunately falls under the category of one of those things I absolutely … Continue reading