[Jeonju] Gogung Bibimbap (고궁/古宫)

Bibimbap is as quintessentially Korean as say, ramen is Japanese. Or hotpot is Sichuanese. Or nasi padang is Indonesian. I could go on, but you get the picture. Though it originated as an imperial dish back in the Chosun Dynasty, bibimbap as we know it today is food for the masses, readily accessible even to … Continue reading

[Jeonju] Veteran Noodles (베테랑)

Kalguksu, or knife-cut noodles handmade from wheat flour, translates literally to “knife noodles” in Korean. They’re traditionally served in a clean, clear broth flavoured with dried anchovies, manila clams and kelp. Possessing a flat and thin appearance, kalguksu typically bears a striking resemblance to fettuccine. Save for the fact that both are soupy noodle dishes, the hearty kalguksu … Continue reading