Eater Palace (食珍)

It’s gonna be mooncake time in less than a fortnight! Otherwise known as Mid-Autumn Festival. To be honest I’ve never been fond of mooncakes, and end up only eating the sweet bean paste or lotus seed fillings before discarding the crust. So gross, I know. I may as well buy a Kong Guan pau, since … Continue reading

&Made by Bruno Menard

The Singaporean obsession with Michelin stars may explain why you see people waiting in line for two hours at the one Michelin-starred Tim Ho Wan in Plaza Singapura whilst the staff at the nearby (zero-star) Mouth restaurant stare glumly into space at their usually empty eatery. Thing is, the latter actually serves much better dim … Continue reading

Kith (Park Mall)

I’m pretty sure those addicted to the concept of hipster brunches are well acquainted with the snaking lines found at cafes around Singapore on weekend mornings. No one enjoys having to wait to be seated, especially in a climate as grossly humid as ours. Which is why a surprise find like Kith presented an attractive option … Continue reading

PS. Cafe (Palais Renaissance)

It is with much boredom that I am forcing myself to write about an establishment that has already been blogged about to death.  Still, the food was extremely photogenic and I figured that after paying close to $40 for this meal I may as well jump on the blogging bandwagon to get my money’s worth. … Continue reading